Coding Minds Academy

About Us

Coding Minds Academy Learn Coding with Fun Online. Established in 2016 by a group of an Experienced American Professors operating from Los Angeles ,California, .The CodingMinds is the best Online

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We Lead Students to

Top Coding Competitions in USA

CodingMinds competitions are held every year in California, so it’s an event that allows students from K-12 to show their programming skills with creativity. From robotics, to mobile as well as, web development, to cyber security, and any project that involves coding can participate, won prizes as well as certificates.


Course Highlights

Always Having Fun

Fun based programming is CodingMinds top priority when designing the content

Learn with Professionals

Gain extra experiences with CodingMinds about the structure of real industry and research

Live Interactions

Get your question answered in class and compete with your classmates, and Learn more in groups

Well-Designed Assignments and Projects

Learn by doing is the key for CS , all the assignments as well as ,CodingMinds projects are designed to achieve specific goals

Focus on Imagination and Creativity

Programming should not only be an ultimate goal. CodingMinds focus is on pushing the kids’ imagination and creativity

Apply Colleges with More Experiences

Programming is just the first step. Build projects, attend science fairs will help you get into the top unversities