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Coding Minds Academy Learn Coding with Fun Online.

Established in 2016 by a group of an Experienced American Professors operating from Los Angeles ,California, .The CodingMinds is the best Online Coding Platform in USA.Coding Minds emphasizes the importance of developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills for students, all of which can be applied to different aspects of their younger and adult lives and lead to a brighter future. Kids can learn really cool ways to express themselves and solve real-world problems .Computer Science for All is an initiative to empower all K-12 students to learn computer science and be equipped with the computational thinking skills they need in the digital economy. We are teaching various coding classes like Minecraft,scratch coding programming, python coding,roblox development and
design and Coding teacher courses online, book a Free Trial.

Build Cool Projects Share your Imagination with the world

We only teach the trending and practical coding skills that the students can learn with fun and start building applications quickly. Encourage our students to build the project and lead them to Coding competitions orangized by the group of professors.

Orientated towards K-12 students, the classes at Coding Minds incorporate aspects of programming languages, artificial intelligence, game development, Block Coding and many more. Coding Minds, within the past few years, has not only provided invaluable educational and entrepreneurial guidance for students but also has successfully placed them on the path to admission to top universities.

From Code to Top-Class University

The benefits of coding go beyond the programming languages themselves, as it develops skills that allow people to solve practical life problems.

Project Based Learning is used as a foundation to incorporate students’ interests in creating programs, solving problems, and building confidence as well as experience.

Competitions not only help students meet short and long-term goals but also provide them the unique experience, growth, and confidence to gain admission into top universities.

Engaging in research serves as a source of encouragement and stimulation for students to address new questions, exper- iment new ideas, and publish new findings to the world.

Students can use the programming and technical skills acquired to solve real-world problems and start off as young entrepreneurs from as early as middle school…………

Following the rapid rise of computer science, it has played an increasing role in education as well as daily life, and a result, it has become a distinguished field. Instructors at Coding Minds continuously keep in mind the goal of sparking their interests in coding and paving their way to higher-level institutions.

Founding Members


Dr. Yu Sun is currently a tenured professor at the Caltech Department of Computer Science, and he is simultaneously the director of SoftCom Lab as well as one of the co-founders of indoor navigation system Ziiio. He additionally hosted a variety of programs in conjunction with Google for Education, founded and led a series of computer science and educational activities, brought programming and youth computer science competitions to hundreds of public and private schools in California, all while impacting 18,000 elemen- tary and middle school students each year. This is also not to mention his impact on international schools and study-abroad programs in China, as he is also the founder and leader of Coding Minds in the United States.

Founder – IN /AFTER School Coding Programs

Devika Maini , work as a lecturer in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Dept. at the California State Polytechnic University.
She came up with the vision to introduce the coding classes to young minds at school as a curiculum In SCHOOL CODING program or AFTER SCHOOL Coding classes to enchance their Coding, Computer Science, & STEM skills which is required for their Futue .We are working with many schools and Community Centers Located in Orange County, Los Angeles,California.

Learn Coding with Fun

Kids today have been taking too many classes and programs, and they get tired and bored easily. For every topic we teach, we make sure that it has a lot of fun to keep kids excited while learning.

Students who learn to program early in life gain a deeper and more complete understanding of the logic and advanced thinking behind programming

We only teach the trending and practical coding skills that the students can learn with fun and start building applications quickly

What makes us different?

We believe that students should learn programming and coding in a fun way, just like the way they like playing smart phones and computers.Develop technical and communication skills critical to success in STEM fields.

Passion for Coding

We are a group of tech engineers and hackers who are passionate about coding but also education. We want to bring our passion to the young kids and grow the next tech generation.We want students to learn by doing and building real-world applications and projects. Each class has been designed to let student accomplish and build something.

Education Committee

AI & Big Data

Bo Li is currently a professor of computer science at the University of Illinois. A few years ago, she was a core publisher of numerous periodical materials on AI at global conferences, including NIPS, AAI, ICML, CVPR. She mainly works on projects with the American Natural Science Fund, and is well-known for her work in AI within the academic world.

Startup & Innovation

Edmond Banayan is currently the chairman of the Los Angeles Venture Association as well as Chronaly CEO. He is also the primary consultant for a variety of startup businesses and has also participated in the organization and judging of startup incubator programs, including that of the nonprofit K12 Ventures.

Web Development

A high-level software engineer at Facebook, Gerry Ferando Patia primarily is responsible for the application of AI to the mobile interface of Facebook. During college, Gerry won multiple Hackathons, including those at Harvard and CalTech.


Dr. Di Pan is currently a high-level software engineer at Google who mainly is responsible for the design and optimization of safety-related complex algorithms.Specialized in mathematical theories, he previously was working as a team recruiter and trainer for the ACM Information Science Competition during college.

Game & Animation

Daniel Acevedo is currently a high-level game developer and software engineer at Sony PlaySta- tion. He played a role in releasing a variety of gaming products such as the famous God of War and Bloodborne. In addition, Daniel is also deeply committed to youth education, and has served as a judge in the game development competition GameGala.


Zach Kysar is currently a high-level software engineer at Google and led the development of Android Auto, Google Auto, and the software and hardware of Google driverless cars. Zach was additionally Google’ s sponsored contributor of IgniteCS while also having led a variety of computer science education initiatives for younger students in Southern California.