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Game Programming with Unity 3D

About the Course

Learn programming with game development. Build your own game without limits.Almost everyone loves to play games on mobile and PC. Gaming is a buzzword of the contemporary era. The gaming industry is booming, all thanks to the technology. Today’s youth is passionate about games, as they are one of the best sources of entertainment and make your mind stress-free.Artificial intelligence has been a growing resource for video games for years now. Most video games — whether they’re racing games, shooting games, or strategy games — have various elements that are controlled by AI, such as the enemy bots or neutral characters. Even the ambiguous characters that don’t seem to be doing much are programmed to add more depth to the game, and to give you clues about what your next steps should be. However, there are also many other ways that AI and game development are growing through each other. Although AI continues to be used to bring video games to life, video games are now being trained to study their own patterns so as to improve their own algorithms, which is just one of many ways that AI is becoming more advanced.


Game Dev, Creative


8 +

Skill Level

L3 Advanced Programming

Ratio Guarantee

4 Students per Instructor


Virtual / One hour class in a week



Group Price

USD 260 (INR 19500) 8 beginner/ One hour classes for 8 beginner classes

Private Price

USD 330 (INR 24500) 8 classes / 1 on 1 .

In this course, You will:
  • Create resource packs to re-skin blocks and items
  • Build redstone circuits and machines
  • Utilize command blocks to enhance maps
  • Develop planning and design skills
Your tution includes:
  • Certified Instructor
  • A directed Syllabus
  • 8 hours of direct instruction once a week, and  onside developing a project with assignments to practice on
  • We provide a Small Class Guarantee™ (Max 4 students)
  • Share your projects on www.sharemyworks.com as a daily report for a parent to see the progress of their students.
  • Direct communication of parents and instructor via emails and sharemyworks.com

This course teaches how to make the professional 3D games with advanced skill.

Be a Professional with CodingMinds

Game development is a challenging field, but Unity3D make it feasible for students.

From Game Player to Developer

Being addictive to games? No worries. Let’s motivate them to learn by showing them that they can make games.

Beyond Games

Have you heard about the popular technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)? You can make AR/VR apps using Unity3D easily.

Compete and Win in Science Fair

The projects made using Unity3D could be used to participate in Science Fairs. Find a problem, solve the problem using the technology, and win the Competitions.