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Minecraft Programming with MakeCode

About the Course

Microsoft MakeCode is a platform that combines the magic of Making with the power of Coding as a more inclusive approach to computer science education. Using a hands-on approach to computing education, Microsoft MakeCode brings computer science to life for all students with fun projects, immediate results, and both block and text editors for learners at different levels. Microsoft MakeCode supports physical computing devices like the micro:bit, and Circuit Playground for students to create robots, digital air guitars and magic wands.One of the things students and teachers most enjoy is building in Minecraft. Microsoft MakeCode gives you tools to automate builds that make creating a Pyramid, a House, or a Roller Coaster easy!Want to create a tunnel of diamonds, or print your name in the sky? No problem! With a few blocks/lines of code, it’s all possible.The real-time game command window shows you exactly what game commands are being issued from your code. “Slo-Mo” lets you slow your program execution down, and highlight which parts of your program are running.Once students have mastered drag-and-drop, block-based program construction, they can move into a full-featured JavaScript editor with code snippets, tooltips, and error detection


Game Dev, Creative


K - 3

Skill Level

L1 Visual Programming

Ratio Guarantee

4 Students per Instructor


Virtual / One hour class in a week


Minecraft java edition

Group Price

USD 260(INR 19500) for 8 beginner classes

Private Price

USD 330(INR 24500)

In this course, You will:
  • Create resource packs to re-skin blocks and items
  • Build redstone circuits and machines
  • Utilize command blocks to enhance maps
  • Develop planning and design skills
Your tution includes:
  • Certified Instructor
  • A directed Syllabus
  • 8 hours of direct instruction once a week, and  onside developing a project with assignments to practice on
  • We provide a Small Class Guarantee™ (Max 4 students)
  • Share your projects on www.sharemyworks.com as a daily report for a parent to see the progress of their students.
  • Direct communication of parents and instructor via emails and sharemyworks.com

In CodingMinds this course is based on the introduction of the creation of the world, the control of Minecraft command-line commands, and the MakeCode graphical programming platform, the children are progressively brought into the programming world

Build your own world and enter the world of programming.

The world-famous Minecraft game provides unlimited space for children’s creativity. Explore basic coding concepts and learn about artificial intelligence (AI)

Learn programming command-line instructions

Minecraft provides players with a list of game control commands. By learning these commands, you can accomplish the effects that are not achieved in the game but rather, in real life. By learning these basic instructions, you can unknowingly establish the basis of programming fundamentals and computational thinking with CodingMinds

Graphical programming from elementary school

Today’s programming skills are extremely valuable. Its a block Based programming ,the Minecraft MakeCode programming platform makes this a reality.CodingMinds Curiculum is very subjective.

Be Creative at Young Age

With CodingMinds learn minecraft Makecode online, Share your Project with the world and Competein our Competitions held in California every year and win Certificates and Prizes.

Learning is more than just programming

Having programming skills is a component of today’s social culture, because learning programming is cultivating logical thinking, computing power, innovation and imagination.