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Python Programming with Minecraft

About the Course

Learn Python programming with Minecraft. Build your own version of Minecraft without limitations.Why use Minecraft, a popular game, to teach Python? Simply, most coding rely on uninteresting problems to practice learned concepts. For example the classic temperature conversion, the calculation of Fibonacci numbers or factorials, etc. Many learners will feel that there is no point in solving such problems, which might affect motivation. Games like Minecraft are a different story, as they allow you to use the learned coding skills to manipulate elements of the game, get immediate visual feedback, and get a nice rush of dopamine.By the end of this course, you will understand fundamental programming concepts and you will have learned the Python programming language. From there, you should be able to follow any path you wish, like learning about databases, creating web apps or even Artificial Intelligence. You will be only limited by your imagination. What are you waiting for?


Game Dev, Creative


8 +

Skill Level

L3 Advanced Programming

Ratio Guarantee

4 Students per Instructor


Virtual / One hour class in a week


Minecraft java edition/ rely.it for Python

Group Price

USD 260(INR 19500) for 8 beginner classes

Private Price

USD 330(INR 24500)

In this course, You will:
  • Create resource packs to re-skin blocks and items
  • Build redstone circuits and machines
  • Utilize command blocks to enhance maps
  • Develop planning and design skills
Your tution includes:
  • Certified Instructor
  • A directed Syllabus
  • 8 hours of direct instruction once a week, and  onside developing a project with assignments to practice on
  • We provide a Small Class Guarantee™ (Max 4 students)
  • Share your projects on www.sharemyworks.com as a daily report for a parent to see the progress of their students.
  • Direct communication of parents and instructor via emails and sharemyworks.com

Python has become the most popular programming language in cutting-edge fields. This course introduces Python programming with the game all students love – Minecraft.

Be an App Developer

Motivate the kids to learn professional programming in Python with their favorite game.

Learn the Professional Python with CodingMinds

The popularity of Python is not just based on its simplicity and conciseness, but because of its capability of doing complicated tasks rapidly and efficiently.

The Gate to the Cutting-Edge

If you are interested in Machine Learning, AI, Computer Vision, Self-Driving Cars, Python is an essential topic to begin with .It open the door to create Apps.

Prepare for AP CS

Python is the perfect foundation for both AP CS and AP CS Principles courses for high school students.

Become an Entrepreneur

Learn practical applications as well as fundamental theory. Students can learn how to solve real-world problems using programming with CodingMinds learning Online Python Programming in 16 weeks.